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Ground cherries are closely related to tomatoes and tomatillos, but are much sweeter.  Ground cherries have a tropical pineapple & strawberry flavour.  I grow a few heirloom varieties of ground cherries, including Aunt Molly's.  I'm trying to find the variety with the best flavour, but so far they all taste pretty much the same to me.   


Ground cherries will keep for weeks if stored in their husks in a cool, dark place (but not in the fridge).  Store in the paper pint container or a paper bag.  


Ground cherries can be eaten both raw or cooked.  Remove the husk before eating.  Ripe berries will be completely yellow.


Find ground cherry recipes here.

*It seems that people either love or hate ground cherries.  If you are one of the haters, let me know and I will stop sending them in your veggie bags.*

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